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Actually, he wanted to write a completely different book, but then he met Charly.

Actually, Darwin C. May had planned a completely different book when he began his research in February 2010. But when he met the boy Charly Cutter and his friend Jonathan in March of the same year, it quickly became clear that it would be a completely different book. Now it was no longer the Moore sisters and their activities in Lyttleton that were the focus of his work, but rather the life of this strange boy, who was experiencing more and more exciting adventures month after month.

Darwin finally decides to overturn his plan to write a book about the Moore sisters alone, that he wanted to call Trick or Treat - The Night We Witch Witches. Because Charly Cutter's life seemed much more exciting. Fascinated, Darwin observes the events around this boy, until one day he becomes not only an actor and observer, but also his chronicler in the middle of this story.

At the beginning, however, he had no idea what his books would do. The whole world suddenly takes part in the life of this boy and the author tries to write down the whole extent as authentically as possible. Just in time for Charly Cutter's eleventh birthday, on October 31, 2010, he publishes his first book, but with which he also takes off quite different things that he would never have dared to dream. The books become a huge success and still nobody suspects that these books are also read attentively by people who don't get along well in his books. He even lays tracks, gives hints and reveals that Charly is growing up to be a powerful wizard. Also the Moore sisters get to know about it and then it becomes dangerous for everyone.

You will also meet the witch and the sorcerer from Meridia in the books.

Tabitha and Magnus Lockhardt also play their part in ensuring that events from the magical world find their way into the books. They inform Darwin C. May regularly about the progress of the young wizard, who enchants them all with his magic. The witch and the sorcerer belong to the circle of twelve, which is made up of twelve witches and sorcerers who are constantly discussing what is allowed to come out of the magical world and what is better to keep under lock and key.

But they quickly realize that the books also bring something positive with them: The world can now read for the first time what witches and sorcerers are really all about. Because in the past only clichés and prejudices about them had been spread, even in some bestsellers that many readers consider to be the ultimate. Ultimately, they welcome the work of Darwin C. May to convince readers in the non-magical world that there are witches and wizards in your immediate neighborhood. And whether you always have to be on your guard or just meet them like any other neighbour, is of course always in the view of the viewer.

After Charly has learned what footsteps he must follow, Tabitha and Magnus Lockhardt have agreed to let him in on everything the magical world has to offer. And they are also involved in his training. They often answer his questions when he knocks on their door with his many questions and wants to quench his thirst for knowledge.

Tabitha Lockhardt is also in charge of the Book of Shadows on this website!

Marlon Baker has taken over the editorial cooperation and translates the books.

Marlon Baker was first brought on board especially for the German-speaking countries to make the Charly Cutter books known in Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Marlon Baker has also translated the books from English and edited them so that they meet the guidelines set by the Circle of Twelve for their publication. When Charly Cutter finally reached the age of majority on October 31, 2017, Marlon Baker secured the rights for the worldwide publishing with a sum of undisclosed money, as he is also convinced that these books must find a broad readership.

In addition, Marlon Baker has taken over the editing of the books, but he is very cautious and does not delete passages that other publishers to whom the Charly Cutter books were offered would have liked to have done. Because even after the great success of the Harry Potter books, the author Darwin C. May was particularly confronted with the fact that his books were far too esoteric to be read by children. Yet these books only depict the everyday lives of witches and sorcerers as they actually live today. In the end this fascinated Marlon Baker the most when he got to read the first manuscripts some time ago.

And for him it quickly became clear that he would publish these books in his mysteria publishing house.

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