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Charly Cutter and the mysterious Loona

VOLUME I: Charly is just ten years old when he sees the first changes in himself. And these changes do not only have to do with puberty. He is still making a big secret of what he has discovered about himself. And it's also much more exciting to unravel a secret with his friend Jonathan that his life, and that of many others, is going to be a mess. Charly is fascinated that there are creatures beyond our imagination. And when he follows the rumors that true witches are supposed to live in the small port city of Lyttleton, he runs the risk of burning his fingers on them.

Charly Cutter and the Gateway to the Magical World

VOLUME III: Lord Darkmoore has been banished and is now living his life on the Isle of the Isolated. Mr Winitana, the father of Paora and Tuakana, who thinks little of the fact that the house in Lyttleton is cursed or that there are actually witches and wizards, buys the old Moore house unaware that it will become the doom of his sons. One evening Paora and Tuakana enter a magical world from which they can't find their way home, and so Charly and his friends Jonathan and Maco embark on an adventurous journey, during which he once again meets Moira Grace Moore herself ...

Charly Cutter and the Shadows of Light

VOLUME V: The chronicler of the most magical saga of all time is given cards and photos to show witches and sorcerers that the past cannot simply be erased. Darwin C. May is made aware of a cave that once had great significance for the magical world and its inhabitants. But after an accident happened there and numerous children are stuck in the Wall of Illusions, it takes a miracle to save these children especially since they have been stuck there for fifteen years now.

Charly Cutter and the Lost Memories

VOLUME II: Anyone who now believes that Charly could lull himself into safety, because he succeeded in being spared from the first attack of the Moore sisters is mistaken. For the Moore sisters have not yet given up on their opponent. To finally reach their goal, the sisters bring reinforcements to the land: Lord Darkmoore is to erase with his dark gift all those memories that could become dangerous to them. As usual, the sisters accept that many other people's memories will be erased as well. Charly's father also lost his most precious memories, and so it's up to Othilia to break this spell.

Charly Cutter and the Hexed Artifacts

VOLUME IV: When the Moore sisters left the house in Lyttleton to their brother, they left behind countless magical artifacts. And these are now scattered throughout the country and will soon do great damage. After Charly has managed to save the Maori boys Paora and Tuakana from the magical world, it's time to turn to the bewitched artifacts, as they activate themselves for the annual festivals ...

Charly Cutter and the Curse of Generations

VOLUME VI: Charly succeeds in putting together more and more pieces of the great puzzle to get behind the dark mystery of Moira Grace Moore. But even in Meridia, the otherwise brightest spot on the map of the magical world, things happen that are dark and frightening. What about the werewolf myth, for example, and that of the vampires? Do such creatures really exist, or do they exist only because we can imagine them?

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