Charly Cutter and the curse of generations

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Volume VI: Charly Cutter and the Curse of Generations

"The further we move away from what we know, the more it seems that we are drawn into another world. A world in which all doors are open and everything seems possible! To see the future, you must return to the past."

Charly succeeds in putting together more and more pieces of the great puzzle to get behind the dark mystery of Moira Grace Moore. But even in Meridia, the otherwise brightest spot on the map of the magical world, things happen that are dark and frightening. What about the werewolf myth, for example, and that of the vampires? Do such creatures really exist, or do they exist only because we can imagine them?

Charly uncovers numerous other dark secrets and has to travel again to finally take a look into the past. Only then can he put the last piece of the big puzzle together and see how the reign of terror of Moira Grace Moore can reside and make Haglot what it once was: the home of magical creatures who fled elsewhere to find refuge there. But who should Charly take with him on his journey so that it is crowned with success?

Strange sightings of a creature, which no one can explain to himself, put the magical community in Meridia in fear and terror. But what does Wolverton Sparks a rather inconspicuous thirteen-year-old boy have to do with all this? Does he end up knowing more than he's willing to reveal?

390 pages, recommended reading age 10 years and older

E-Book and paperback of volume VI will by published on July 21, 2019.
The paperback with 390 pages can be ordered for 16.90 Euro here or at Amazon
The e-book can now also be ordered on Amazon for only 6.90 Euro.

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