Charly Cutter and the gateway to the magical world

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Volume III: Charly Cutter and the Gateway to the Magical World

Lord Darkmoore has been banished and is now living his life on the Isle of the Isolated. Mr Winitana, the father of Paora and Tuakana, who thinks little of the fact that the house in Lyttleton is cursed or that there are actually witches and wizards, buys the old Moore house unaware that it will become the doom of his sons. One evening Paora and Tuakana enter a magical world from which they can't find their way home, and so Charly and his friends Jonathan and Maco embark on an adventurous journey, during which he once again meets Moira Grace Moore herself ...

When the Moore sisters left the house in Lyttleton to their brother, they left behind countless magical artifacts. And these are now scattered across the country and will soon do great damage. But nobody can care about that at the moment, since everyone is excited about Charly, whether he succeeds in freeing the two boys and himself from the clutches of darkness. An exciting adventure awaits Charly and he must endure numerous trials. However, he also uncovers many secrets that will later help him to stand up to her: Moira Grace Moore, who this year leaves no stone unturned in her attempt to track down her adversary ...

452 pages, recommended reading age 10 years and older

E-Book and paperback of volume III will by published on June 8, 2019.
The paperback with 452 pages can be ordered for 18.90 Euro here or at Amazon
The e-book can now also be ordered on Amazon for only 6.90 Euro.

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