Charly Cutter and the lost memories

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Volume II: Charly Cutter and the Lost Memories

Anyone who now believes that Charly could lull himself into safety, because he succeeded in being spared from the first attack of the Moore sisters is mistaken. For the Moore sisters have not yet given up on their opponent. To finally reach their goal, the sisters bring reinforcements to the land: Lord Darkmoore is to erase with his dark gift all those memories that could become dangerous to them. As usual, the sisters accept that many other people's memories will be erased as well. Charly's father also lost his most precious memories, and so it's up to Othilia to break this spell.

Everywhere in the country they suddenly appear: The children who have lost all memories. And Charly can no longer resist the temptation to seek answers here as well. But for the time being he takes part in a magician competition and makes friends with a boy who, just like him, learns late that magical blood flows through his veins. Hamish Snyder is the same age as Charly, but he lives in Meridia, a settlement of witches and sorcerers in Tasmania. Hamish would also like to know Charly at this place, because there are not as many dangers lurking there as in the non-magical world at least that's what they think. But Charly hesitates whether he should enter the magical world or not.

396 pages, recommended reading age 10 years and older

E-Book and paperback of volume II will be published in May 2019.
The paperback with 396 pages can be ordered for 16.90 Euro here or at Amazon
The e-book can now also be ordered on Amazon for only 6.90 Euro.

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