Charly Cutter and the mysterious Loona

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Volume I: Charly Cutter and the mysterious Loona

Charly is just ten years old when he sees the first changes in himself. And these changes do not only have to do with puberty. He is still making a big secret of what he has discovered about himself. And it's also much more exciting to unravel a secret with his friend Jonathan that his life, and that of many others, is going to be a mess. Charly is fascinated that there are creatures beyond our imagination. And when he follows the rumors that true witches are supposed to live in the small port city of Lyttleton, he runs the risk of burning his fingers on them.

A witch congress is to take place in their hotel of all places. But his father doesn't want to know anything about all this and leaves the hotel to the Moore sisters for Walpurgis Night. The Moore sisters forge a diabolical plan to teach the children of New Zealand a lesson. Because they have stopped showing respect to the witches. The sisters don't want to let that happen. A delicacy is to be brought to the market on Halloween that no child can resist. But this way the children run the risk of getting lazy and fat and only Charly recognizes the signals, but nobody wants to listen to his warnings ... Until one day he gets a secret revealed that had been guarded for a long time.

420 pages, recommended reading age 10 years and older

E-Book and Paperback of Volume I was published on February 10, 2019.
The paperback with 420 pages can be ordered for 18.90 Euro here or at Amazon
The e-book can be ordered on Amazon for only 6.90 Euro.

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