Charly Cutter and the shadows of light

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Volume V: Charly Cutter and the Shadows of Light

The chronicler of the most magical saga of all time is given cards and photos to show witches and sorcerers that the past cannot simply be erased. Darwin C. May is made aware of a cave that once had great significance for the magical world and its inhabitants. But after an accident happened there and numerous children are stuck in the Wall of Illusions, it takes a miracle to save these children especially since they have been stuck there for fifteen years now.

Charly is now a teenager who has settled into the magical world and feels at home there. And when his best friend Jonathan moves to Meridia, no wish remains unfulfilled. But there are dark shadows and so it's up to Charly to shed some light on this darkness, especially as he's still looking for clues on how to bring down Moira Grace Moore.

It's also the year Charly would like to join a coven. But which circle is right for him? And the fact that the new professor Lysander LaFortune wants to win him for his coven is more than obvious ... but where there is light, the darkest shadows usually fall, and so Charly is on his guard not to make a mistake or make a hasty decision ...

472 pages, recommended reading age 10 years and older

E-Book and paperback of volume V will be published on June 21, 2019.
The paperback with 472 pages can be ordered for 18.90 Euro here or at Amazon
The e-book can now also be ordered on Amazon for only 6.90 Euro.

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