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Here you can learn a lot about the characters of the Charly Cutter books. But sometimes you have to be careful not to learn too much about them already, and so the information that happens later will be withheld for the time being and then supplemented with each new volume. After all, we don't want to risk a spoiler alarm and anticipate you too much.

The most important characters from Volume I: The mysterious Loona

Charly grows up without a mother and doesn't like witches.

On his eleventh birthday, Charly learns that his mother was a witch who died at the birth of her son. A curse of the Moore sisters demanded this. The Moore sisters also had their brother, Lord Darkmoore, wipe out his father's memories, because he knew too much. On his birthday, Agatha, his supposed great-grandmother, visits him and tells him about the burden that had been imposed on him. Only through him can Moira Grace Moore be defeated and the witch boarding school on Haglot be reopened. But there is still a long way to go. Moira Grace Moore tries everything to forestall the boy. So the evil witches drive away a chocolate bar on Halloween (Charly's eleventh birthday) to destroy him. But Charly finds out the secret of the Loona bar.

His great-grandma Agatha takes care of him and teaches him witchcraft and magic. But even to her many things remain hidden that affect the boy's fate. There are strong opponents who do everything they can to stop the boy. Haglot is surrounded by a dark secret that must be kept secret at all costs. Together with his friends, in particular Jonathan, Charly gets threateningly close to the sisters. Loona finally misses its effect, and so the witches take the next strike. What they couldn't achieve, their brother has to do for them. He had already robbed other people of all their memories.

In the second adventure Charly has to be careful not to become a victim of Lord Darkmoore himself. Charly can do some magic, but what wants to become a true master has to learn for years and acquire the great knowledge of witches and wizards.

Charly has been doing magic for some years now and especially inspires his friends with card tricks. But of course, this is nothing to compare to the real magic Charly encounters every step of the way. Charly once denied that the even existed: That there are witches and wizards. But he is taught better and his eyes are opened.

Richard Cutter owns the hotel on Hereford Street.

Richard is Charly's father and the hotel owner of the hotel in which the renegade witches hold a witch congress. They know that Richard cannot be dangerous to them, because his memories of the past have been stolen from him. Only with the birthday of his son first memories come back. But the fact that he once went to school in the witch boarding school on Haglot himself remains a secret for a long time. Once he helped his wife to turn against the evil witch Moira Grace Moore and thwart her plans. Then his wife was cursed. Her firstborn was not to survive. The Moore sisters assumed that the son was never born, but they were wrong. Richard has destroyed all documents that could provide any information. Richard is also blind to the current dangers emanating from the Moore sisters as they forge a diabolical plan to make New Zealand's children fat and lazy, so they can never become a danger to them.

Wynona died giving birth to her son.

She was once Moira Grace's favourite student and was supposed to make her own way. She was on the verge of giving her own lessons in Haglot, but she recognized in time the evil plans of the Moore sisters, who had teamed up with some lords. That Wynona also fell in love with a man, Richard Cutter, who did not come from a venerable witch family, was reason enough for Moira Grace Moore to curse her. If she ever gave birth to a child, she would die. So what was to come happened, but Wynona had made arrangements and transferred the inheritance to Agatha.

She also gave birth to her son with all the powers necessary to become a great wizard. Hidden in the hotel she got Charly on a dark October night, October 31st in 1999. Charly was born two months early, because he was supposed to see the light of day at the turn of the millennium. At home, however, there were complications and she died. The planned wedding at the turn of the year could therefore no longer be carried out. Wynona thus remained a Corbin, which benefited Charly. Because the Moore sisters believed that they had to look for a child of another name. After her escape from Haglot, Wynona stored everything for her son in the attic of the hotel. Among them were many old and precious paintings, capes and, of course, the magic chest of her family, who kept a very special treasure. She had been able to steal a magic stone from Moira Grace. Moira Grace Moore was already in possession of four of the five magic stones that could have helped her do anything - really EVERYTHING!

Jonathan, also called Viss, is Charly's best friend.

Jonathan, also called Viss, is Charly's best friend. But he doesn't know yet that Charly is much more than just an ordinary boy with whom he goes to school together. Jonathan and Charly live in Christchurch, New Zealand, where they have ordinary adventures like other boys. But there had always been some peculiarities in their lives that he couldn't explain. But Charly needs a reliable companion whom he can trust blindly. And in Jonathan he seems to have found it.

However, Jonathan doesn't want to know that there are true witches in the small town Lyttleton, who Charly wants to draw his attention to. It takes quite some time until Jonathan also licks blood and wants to find out more about it. Because Jonathan is a boy, who usually questions everything and who also doesn't let himself be hoodwinked that fast. Jonathan has many common hobbies, which he shares with Charly, but at the latest when Charly starts his magical training, they move away more and more. Jonathan is two years older than Charly and it is often up to him to warn his friend of dangers and protect him.

From the second volume she calls herself Othilia and reveals her true identity.

Agatha Christie, as she calls herself in the beginning, is the guardian of many a secret. On Charly's eleventh birthday, she tells the boy that magic powers are slumbering in him and that his mother had clashed with an evil witch who had cursed her. When Haglot was brought down, Agatha decided to return to Christchurch to keep an eye on the boy she loved so much. When Charly is revealed on his eleventh birthday that he must follow in his mother's footsteps in order to one day stand up to evil, Agatha teaches the boy witchcraft and magic. She lives far out in a small suburb of Christchurch, where she is not perceived as what she is: A witch who does everything she can to make the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy turn to good. She has declared war on Moira Grace Moore and is the first to realize that she wants to harm the children of New Zealand, because soon a child will rise to bring her down.

Agatha is the first to realize the potential in Charly to become a great wizard. She agrees with Lewis Cartwright, the headmaster of the boarding school for witches in Meridia, that she will first teach Charly in Christchurch, since the boy has no idea of the world in which they usually live. But Agatha also turned her back on the magical world once, as she too had seen much suffering and horror caused by witches and sorcerers. And when it's time to find a cure for the children who, since Halloween 2010, have been stuffing this terrible chocolate bar inside themselves and threatening to burst, it's up to her to brew a cure for all the children, not least because she has to come to the aid of Charly's friends.

Lord Vendor is a treasure hunter for magic utensils of any kind.

Lord Vendor is a treasure hunter for all kinds of spells and he also knows how to track down bewitched artifacts that can do great damage in the wrong hands. So he has made it his business to hunt them down and sell them to the highest bidder. After the hasty closure of the magic school Haglot a lot of inventory was stolen from the buildings. Among them, above all, are paintings that allow the viewer to make a leap in time. But also the only cupboard, which functioned as a gate to the magical world, as well as a magical radio and much more are scattered all over the world since then and he sets off together with his butler on a very long journey, which leads him to the continents of this earth.

It is only later that he becomes aware of Wynona's objects, of which he can only buy part at an auction. However, he does not get to her magic chest. In the meantime, a high finder's fee has been set on them, since Moira Grace Moore absolutely wants to get his hands on this chest. But why doesn't she tell the Lord or other witches or sorcerers, and Lord Vendor still believes that Moira Grace didn't make Haglot the darkest spot on the magic map. He almost got the magic chest, but someone beat him to it. Lord Vendor also meets Charly Cutter in the hotel, but at this point he still believes that Wynona and her child have died in the body. Lord Vendor lives in an old estate in Meridia and keeps a secret there that he wants to keep better to himself ...

Charly must beware of this witch, because she is up to no good.

What a wicked witch she is, in the truest sense of the word! Years ago she had already set herself the task of conjuring up an evil and even dark age, in which witches are again perceived as what they are, because their kind was oppressed, persecuted and destroyed for centuries. Now, however, she has the means and the power to make the world swallow a bitter pill, and our children in particular can no longer be sure whether they will one day be put out to dinner by her.

Only a handful of people know about her potential and her evil intentions and do everything they can to stop her evil. How old Moira Grace really is can never really be explained, because she has covered her tracks well and leads everyone astray who wants to know more about her. Some suspect that she came to Haglot with the first settlers when a new witch boarding school was built there to train a new generation of witches and sorcerers. According to this, she should be well over 160 years old by now. In the 1980s, she had begun to teach on Haglot herself, but never settled for this life. She had also never overcome the fact that her mother - according to her own statement - had been one of the last women to die at the stake.

But only her sisters and a few initiates know about these secrets. And at that time the strength and power of her mother is said to have passed over to her. While her two sisters are only lousy witches, who hardly really master a spell, Moira Grace is the complete opposite. She has a powerful Book of Shadows in which the ancient knowledge has been preserved.

After Haglot had been the scene of numerous disputes and the final fall of the witch boarding school, and this place has since been considered the darkest spot on the map of the magical world, Moira Grace does everything she can to track down her adversary, who could make up her mind. But she doesn't really know much about this child, of whom the Self-Fulfilling Prophecy, pronounced on the night of the Millennium, reports. And so she embarks on a search ... before it will be too late ...

The most important characters in Volume II: Lost Memories

His dark gift won't only be dangerous for Charly Cutter.

He takes over the business of the Moore sisters in the small and tranquil Lyttleton. But as soon as he arrives, he pursues his own goals. The lord had already lived and worked here before. But nobody really remembers that. How could they: The lord is specialized in robbing humans of their memories. After some time he neglects the shop of his sisters and Serena, Darwin's partner, takes over most of the work. It doesn't take long until the first customers take advantage of his questionable services. More and more children and adults flock to his shop to have their heart's desire fulfilled.

And when Patrick, a friend of Charly's, also becomes a victim of the Lord, Charly decides to get to the bottom of the dreadful situation. Charly discovers a huge dream and memory archive in the basement of the house. He has to get to the box containing the magic crystal. But this turns out to be extremely difficult. So Charly gets involved with the services of the Lord himself. Only his talisman saves him from harm. After Charly has succeeded in uncovering this game, Lord Darkmoore is punished for his actions and called to account. A little later Charly discovers a box with his father's memories. Afterwards the house is sold to a family. Almost all magical objects and bewitched artifacts of the Lord have been sold, but there is still a closet in the basement, which becomes the fate of the two brothers Paora and Tuakana when they enter it ...

The twins Patrick and Mark Maguire are close friends of Charly.

The twins have been friends of Charly since they met in kindergarten. They attend the same school as Charly. At first, they don't know what to think about their friend being a true wizard. But they follow their friend's further development with great excitement.

Secretly they also wish that they could do magic. Patrick in particular has a great longing, which he hopes to have fulfilled by Lord Darkmoore. When he reads that this Lord fulfills his heart's desires, he sets out to have them fulfilled. However, it's almost too late for him to pull his head out of the noose, that he is going into the lion's den and can hardly estimate what he is actually giving up.

Mark and Patrick watch with great interest as their friend turns more and more into a wizard and almost make sure that Charly's identity is revealed to the wrong one.

Paora is a rather silent boy - until he is dragged into a big adventure.

This boy appears for the first time in volume II of the most magical saga of all time. Charly meets him when he goes to Othilia in Merivale. This boy is extremely mysterious and speaks in riddles. He seems to have forgotten his name and place of residence.

But when he shows up at Othilia's house and holds a teddy bear in his hand, Charly knows what to do to help this boy. Ultimately it is thanks to Maco, a school friend of Charly's, who draws his attention to the chain the boy wears around his neck. Paora actually lives in the north of the country, but how he got to the South Island remains a mystery for a long time.

Paora and his brother Tuakana move a little later to Lyttleton, where their father has bought an old enchanted house where he wants to open a tattoo studio. It doesn't take long and the two brothers are involuntarily drawn into an adventure ...

Hamish Snyder doesn't know long that he can do magic.

Hamish is also a boy who only learns very late that he has a magical talent within him. He grew up in Twizel with his father, where they run a farm. For a long time he had lived in seclusion with his father, but when his father falls in love again (which can be read in the book My Summer in Paradise), the boy learns that not only his stepmother is a witch, but also his two stepsisters Stella and Angelina.

Hamish meets Charly for the first time in the Cutters' hotel and it takes them a long time to make friends. When they meet again at the magic contest in Wellington, it's up to the two boys to keep Charly's true identity secret. Because in the auditorium there is no one less than Moira Grace Moore in person. Hamish lives with his stepmother and his sisters in Meridia, where he also goes to school at the witch boarding school and invites Charly to visit him there. But Charly hesitates for a long time, until he is ready for this step ...

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