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Here Charly Cutter takes you on an exciting journey through time into his past, present and future. He will also reveal in the calendar which days or dates (in a magician's year) are particularly important to him to share with you. And don't worry, the gaps in the timeline will of course be closed so that you have all the important dates in Charly's life at a glance. With each new book the timeline is supplemented by events from the life of Charly Cutter.

  • 31.10.1999 - Charly Cutter is born

    On October 31, 1999 Charly Cutter is born. He was born and raised in Christchurch, New Zealand. He attends an ordinary school and still doesn't know anything about what will happen to him.

  • 10.04.2010 - The first encounter with witches

    Charly would never have believed that he would meet three genuine witches in Lyttleton, of all places, whom he mistrusts from the outset and does not trust over the way. But who will believe that the Moore sisters even want to cook up evil on Halloween?

  • 30.04.2010 - Walpusrgis Night

    The Moore sisters take Charly's father, Richard Cutter's hotel in order to hold a witch congress at which nothing good is to be decided. After all, it's about putting her adversary out of action.

  • 04.09.2010 - The first of four big quakes

    The first of a total of four strong earthquakes shook Charly's home town Christchurch and caused a lot of damage in the old town. More information about the earthquakes can be found here:

  • 31.10.2010 - Charly Cutter's eleventh birthday

    On that day, the course for Charly Cutter was set anew when he learned that his mother had an unusual past and that Moira Grace Moore, of all people, was in the way, which ultimately cost her her life. Charly learns that his mother was a witch. An inheritance that he has to take on from now on, in order to stand against her one day and bring the balance of the worlds back into balance ...

  • 22.02.2011 - The second of the four big quakes

    Even though no one wants to say it out loud, many believe that Moira Grace Moore is behind this earthquake because she did not succeed in spotting her adversary. Many believe that the earthquake is shaking because Moira Grace can't get out of the rage.

  • 13.06.2011 - The third of the four big quakes

    Now no one in the magical world doubts any more that these quakes serve a higher purpose, and that Charly Cutter is in greatest danger if he stays longer in Christchurch. An important decision must be made as to where he will live from now on.

  • 23.12.2011 - The last of the four big quakes

    Darwin C. May, the author and chronicler of the Charly Cutter books, witnessed this earthquake himself and warned Charly that if he stayed in Christchurch he would probably become the trigger for more earthquakes.

  • 31.10.2017 - Charly Cutter is finally of age

    When Charly Cutter reached the age of majority on October 31, 2017, he was finally able to order that his adventures may now be published in books. Volume I starts with the title: Charly Cutter and the mysterious Loona, which will be available as a paperback and e-book from April 30, 2019.

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