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In the life of a witch or a sorcerer a lot of items and utensils come together, which we want to introduce to you here. Especially those items Charly encounters on his adventures.

Starting with his mother's personal magic chest, which Charly inherits on his eleventh birthday, as well as many other items from his mother's fund that she left him.

You'll also learn about magical items that no witch household should be without. However, there are also magical items, the so-called bewitched (or hexed) artifacts, which Charly will encounter soon enough. They will also be introduced here in the course of time and what disaster can be done with them. They are listed here in the order they appear in Charly's life.

Tabitha Lockhardt has also collected some information on this topic and describes in her manuals for witches and wizards what should not be missing in a witch household. In addition to the personal Book of Shadows, there are a lot of tools that a sorcerer's apprentice should acquire during his training.

Charly also receives extraordinary magical items from Othilia, which she kept when Wynona was dying. But every year it is only one magical item that she makes Charly a gift of. And often it is exactly this object that helps him on his mysterious quest ...

The magic items of Charly Cutter


A talisman is usually an object intended to avert disaster or bring happiness. And yet the talisman that Charly receives from his mother is something very special. Charly experiences this talisman on his eleventh birthday, which his mother already wore, and which always draws attention to itself when it becomes threatening or when the inner voice doesn't want to whisper to you what is really important. Charly receives this talisman with the request never to take it off again, he protects it on all his ways from now on.

With this talisman, which looks like a golden key, his personal magic chest can be opened. Moreover, this talisman often shows him the way when Charly doesn't know which way to go. And even some doors in the magical world can be opened with this key. Behind these doors lies the past, present and future of the magical world. Charly often finds old documents documenting the demise of the magical world. Charly knows how important this talisman is for him and never lets it out of his hands. He also advises his friends to buy a talisman that can save you from disaster and bring you happiness. So Charly never gets tired of giving his friends a very special talisman on their birthdays ...

Magic Chest

One of the first magical items Charly is confronted with is his mother's personal magic chest, which he finds in the attic and which he has to bring to safety from Lord Vendor, who is after it. In every witch family such a magic chest can be found. Every witch and every sorcerer, but also the sorcerer's students, who go to one of the witch boarding schools, have such a magic chest, which can only be opened by them. These personal chests are connected to the world of the storage masters by a stable anchorage on the ground.

If a chest is anchored, it cannot be moved an inch from its place. Only on request do the storage masters release this chest from its original place. Then you have a full 24 hours to transport it and have it anchored again. However, if it takes longer to move the chest to another location, the storage masters will often rip you off. They then demand the negotiation of a new lease contract and you often lose the privileges that have become dear to you. Very rarely, things are lost that then reappear on the black market.

So it happened that Moira Grace Moore came to the four witch stones. She should never have obtained them. The personal magic chest accompanies a witch or wizard throughout his whole life and is then passed on to the next generation. The numerous decorations and inlays bear witness to the long history of a witch family. New chests can usually be recognized by the fact that they are much brighter and do not yet have any decorations. If a student with a new chest appears in the witch boarding school, he often makes a mockery of the others, because it is also recognizable that he does not come from a magical family, but came to magic later. Charly inherits his mother's magic chest and is amazed at how much magic utensil there is in her magic archive. However, Charly first has to keep in order to find his way around, because his mother had given the magic objects completely absurd names in order to protect them from foreign access.

The Hexed Artifacts from Moira Grace Moore's Collection

The Wish Jar

It looks like a candy jar from the good old days when you could still buy candy for a few cents at a kiosk. But the candy jar is much more than just a bonbonnière where you can keep sweets. Because with a Wish Jar you can have a wish fulfilled, from now on. And Moira Grace Moore has already given many children the opportunity to make use of it, but without knowing what price they had to pay for it. And it is said that nobody else would have a larger collection of wish jars than Moira Grace Moore herself, who knows how to use them wisely for her purposes.

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