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    • Charly Cutter

      In the attic of his father's hotel he discovers the magic chest of his deceased mother and many other magical objects.

    • Charly and the Book of Shadows

      Charly Cutter is blown away when he gets revealed that he also has magical abilities slumbering in him, and so he sets about learning his first spells ...

    • Charly's school in Christchurch

      Here Charly Cutter goes to school and together with Jonathan and his friends have a great time ... until one day he changes schools ...

    • Charly loves card tricks

      Whenever he gets the chance, Charly impresses his friends with card tricks (even if he doesn't need them anymore).

    • Mark and Patrick Maguire

      Besides Jonathan, the twins Mark and Patrick Maguire are Charly's best friends. They also attend the same school as Charly in Christchurch ... you can learn more about them here.

    • Jonathan Visser

      Jonathan - also called Viss - is Charly's best friend. They have known each other all their lives and also go to school together ... you can learn more about Jonathan here.

    • Buskers in Christchurch

      Charly loves the street artists who are quite numerous in his hometown. The so-called buskers make music or perform tricks ...

    • Cave Rock

      Rock in Sumner (this place Charly loves above all)

    • Avon River in Hagley Park

    • Tram in Christchurch

      The tram in Christchurch is actually only used by the numerous tourists who flock to the country every year, but Charly also travels with it from time to time ...

    • Arts Centre Christchurch

      Artists' markets take place here mainly on weekends and the street artists, whom Charly loves so much, also perform here and inspire the audience ...

    • Boat trip on the Avon River

    • Cathedrale Square in Christchurch

      The Cathedral Square in Christchurch has been severely damaged by the four major earthquakes. For a long time this square was considered a Red Zone and could not be entered ...

    • By ferry from Picton to Wellington

      When Charly wants to cross from the South Island of New Zealand to the North Island he usually takes the ferry from Picton to Wellington ...

    • Windy Welly - Wellington is the capital of New Zealand

    • Cable Car in Wellington

    • Wellington mwith Harbor

    • Visit to Maori village

      Māori, written in English/German Maori, is the name given to the indigenous people of New Zealand. Their ancestors, originally from the Pacific islands, probably settled in the 13th century, about 300 years before the European seafarers, in several waves from Polynesia as the first immigrants to New Zealand. Their language is called Te Reo Māori. By 2014, the share of Māori in New Zealand's population was 14.9%.

    • The Moeraki Boulders

      The Moeraki Boulders are a number of unusually large spherical concretions on Koekohe Beach on the coast of Otago on New Zealand's South Island between Moeraki and Hampden. The grey coloured Septari Islands lie individually or in groups on the coast. The erosion of the siltstone on the coast by the waves regularly exposes further spheres ...

    • Secret and mystical place in New Zealand

    • Kea (New Zealand parrot)

      The approximately 45 cm long Kea is relatively unobtrusively colored with mainly olive-green plumage; the under-wing-covers and the back are orange colored. It has a quite slender, hook-shaped beak.

    • The Tasmanian Devil

      the Sarcophilus harrisii, also called Tasmanian devil, is an animal-type from the family of the robber-butlers (Dasyuridae) and their biggest living representative. Today it can only be found in Tasmania, on the Australian mainland it is probably extinct already in the 14th century. To the hoped for protection of the livestock, it was hunted intensively in Tasmania until the 1930s. Since the bag-devil was put under protection 1941, the continuance recovered. However, the species has been threatened by Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) since the late 1990s.

    • Koala with an offspring

    • Here Charly goes fishing

      If Charly wants to switch off from all the hustle and bustle around him, then you can find him on Tasmania mostly here, where he likes to fish or go swimming with friends ...

    • Greens Beach Tasmania

    • The Koala - Australia's landmark

    • Cradle Mountain Tasmania

    • Hobart in Tasmania

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